Empordà Mar

Empordà Mar Empordà Mar promotes passion for sustainable seas, focusing on health, combating plastics, and addressing marine waste through scientific projects, education and performing arts. Empordà Mar, established by Salva Manera, an artisanal fisherman who began addressing marine waste issues 14 years ago, is actively committed to marine conservation and sustainable fishing. Beyond sponsorships, the […]

Better Seafood Philippines

Better Seafood Philippines Implementing the adoption of responsible seafood sourcing practices and providing supplier-market matching. BSP provides support to Philippines stakeholders at all levels of seafood supply chains to implement responsible sourcing practices to become agents of change towards a sustainable seafood economy. BSP has developed a set of tools tailored to the Philippines reality, […]


CeDePesca CeDePesca Encourage good practices in small scale fisheries through co-management. Conformation of a Comanagement Commission and starting data collection through voluntary logbooks by fishers. Strengthens legality and governance Optimizes resource management Supports global ecosystems It is an ongoing experience where we are discussing and resolving together how to recover the diminished resources that make […]

Acme Smoked Fish Corporation

Acme Smoked Fish Corporation Acme Smoked Fish Corporation is a fourth-generation family-owned business that is committed to producing high-quality smoked and cured seafood products that meet the highest standards of food safety, quality and tradition of taste. Since the company’s beginnings in the early 1900s, Acme Smoked Fish has been committed to providing the highest […]


ABALOBI ABALOBI harnesses community-led technology, traceability, markets & data to support regenerative small-scale fisheries ABALOBI – meaning fisher in the isiXhosa language – is a South African-based non-profit organisation with global reach. Through our world-first fisheries improvement technologies and programmes, we strive to poise small-scale fisheries for ecological, economic and social sustainability. Our intent is […]


Sanford Beautiful New Zealand seafood. Sanford is New Zealand’s oldest and largest seafood company. We are focused on sustainability and on maximising the value of the resources we gather from our oceans, enabling long term value creation from oceans teeming with life. Sanford sites can be found in eleven locations around New Zealand and we […]

Irish Islands Marine Resource Organisation (IIMRO)

Irish Islands Marine Resource Organisation (IIMRO) IIMRO is a co-operative representative group, fisheries producer organisation based on the offshore islands of Ireland and is working to preserve and promote sustainable fisheries for its members. IIMRO continues to organize and mobilize those involved in the marine sector across the offshore islands of Ireland. This will ensure […]

Sea Delight LLC

Sea Delight LLC Sea Delight Group is a family owned and operated set of companies with presence in the North America and Europe with mission to provide the highest quality fresh frozen seafood that is sold at competitive prices with premier customer service, while remaining dedicated to global conservation by educating and partnering with responsible […]

Cedepesca – Atenea en el Mar, S. de R.L de C.V

Cedepesca – Atenea en el Mar, S. de R.L de C.V The objective of this FIP is to improve the geoduck fishery performance towards sustainability by February 2024. This geoduck semi-autonomous diving ‘hookah’ type fishery started in 2004 as a commercial fishery, with 5 fishing permits, and has grown to 194 fishing permits. This fishing […]

Superior Fresh

Superior Fresh Superior Fresh grows organic leafy greens and responsibly raised Atlantic salmon without the use of hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides. This is regenerative agriculture, reimagined. We’re changing how food is grown, to change the world. Superior Fresh LLC is the world’s largest aquaponic farm, growing USDA certified organic produce and responsibly raising Atlantic salmon. […]