Pioneer in Tropical Oyster Farming in Malaysia committed to sustainable practices due to its minimal impact on the environment.

Established in 2020 post-Covid-19, OCEAN RICH RESOURCES SDN BHD specializes in innovative blue ocean strategies like oyster and green mussel farming uncommon in Malaysia. With the aim to mainstream these products nationally, not just luxury items, by mastering their tropical cultivation techniques and sharing this expertise to expand the industry.

We founded this company with the intention of pursuing something unique and sustainable in Malaysia. After researching, we discovered that the mollusk farming sector offered the most potential for sustainability and decided to focus on growing oysters for the market. In the near future, we will add green mussel in our portfolio. We also aim to expand from just being a supplier to being a distributor and eventually retailing our products.

MUHAMMAD EDRIS QAYYUM B ABDUL RAHMAN | Managing Director, Ocean Rich Resources Sdn Bhd