The Activator

The Lexicon Activator

In 2022, GSSI and The Lexicon began a collaboration to design the digital platform of Seafood MAP. An aquaculture activator, followed by a fisheries activator, brought together over 150 influential stakeholders to refine the first digital design of the Seafood MAP platform.

The activators developed an evidence-backed, place-based, market-driven and fisher people-led model to align the seafood sector on a common framework.

Through the activators, we were able to agree on the core fisheries and aquaculture principles, practices, and Foodicons that serve as the common language framework that Seafood MAP is built upon.

The Storytelling Initiative

In celebration of the The International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture (IYAFA) 2022, The Lexicon and GSSI, with the technical support of the FAO, launched A Greener Blue storytelling initiative.

The initiative invited storytellers and creatives from all over the world to share real human stories. It celebrates the fantastic diversity of small-scale fishers, fish farmers, and fish workers working to improve a foundational aspect of our global food systems.