Empordà Mar

Empordà Mar promotes passion for sustainable seas, focusing on health, combating plastics, and addressing marine waste through scientific projects, education and performing arts.

Empordà Mar, established by Salva Manera, an artisanal fisherman who began addressing marine waste issues 14 years ago, is actively committed to marine conservation and sustainable fishing. Beyond sponsorships, the organization plays a key role in scientific initiatives like the Posidonia Grows project in Cap de Creus, Spain. Empordà Mar conducts awareness workshops on boat fishing and fishing gear utilizing virtual reality glasses, organizes family shows with environmental themes, and actively engages in collecting lost fishing gear at sea with the assistance of both volunteers and fishermen.

At sea, life is different. It’s not made up of hours, but moments. We are committed to raising awareness, listening, and combining efforts, including everyone to make a difference and improve the well-being of people and the sea.

Salva Manera