Leveraging AI and Geo-Spatial Technologies to bring in transparency and Predictability in the aquaculture value chain.

AquaSAT platform leverages AI & Geospatial data, powered by deep learning models, allowing us to predict the days of culture (DOC) in fish and shrimp ponds. This intelligence enables near real-time monitoring, predicts the demand for farm inputs and harvests supply at various scales to provide better information with the ultimate aim of improving resource efficiency, and empowering the value chain stakeholders.

Aquaconnect has embarked on an initiative, which focuses on leveraging technology-driven solutions to enhance transparency, predictability and efficiency within the aquaculture value chain, thereby empowering stakeholders to make data-driven decisions and unlock their business potential. Additionally, the company is exploring to build a climate tech platform, leveraging its AI and geospatial capabilities to drive decarbonization efforts within the seafood sector.

Sudhakar Velayutham | Project Manager, Aquaconnect