Blueyou Group​

Blueyou Group​ Kalimantan Selva Shrimp Program Blueyou develops and implements fisheries and aquaculture improvement programs worldwide, with a focus on small-scale producer communities that bring immediate benefits to local communities. By partnering with locally run seafood manufacturing companies that source from these communities, Blueyou Trading brings recognition to traditional sustainable food production practices. Supports global […]

Olha o Peixe!

Olha o Peixe! Strengthening Brazilian artisanal fishing We started our company in 2018 in partnership with artisanal fisheries in Paraná, southern Brazil, seeking to present quality fish and rich culture to those who did not live on the coast. Furthermore, we train those who fish so that their catches are more selective, have less waste, […]


Gorton’s Gorton’s: Spreading the goodness of the sea by making quality seafood accessible to everyone Gorton’s is the leading frozen prepared seafood brand in the U.S. – founded in 1849 – with the mission of spreading the goodness of the sea by making quality seafood accessible to everyone, now and for generations to come. Supports […]


OCEAN RICH RESOURCES SDN BHD Pioneer in Tropical Oyster Farming in Malaysia committed to sustainable practices due to its minimal impact on the environment. Established in 2020 post-Covid-19, OCEAN RICH RESOURCES SDN BHD specializes in innovative blue ocean strategies like oyster and green mussel farming uncommon in Malaysia. With the aim to mainstream these products […]

CeDePesca-Atenea en el MarCeDePesca

CeDePesca – Atenea en el Mar Atenea en el Mar’s objective is to strengthen sustainability by promoting biological monitoring and enhancing the legal and customary framework. The geoduck semi-autonomous diving ‘hookah’ type fishery began as a commercial fishery in 2004 with 5 fishing permits and has since expanded to 194 permits. Atenea en el Mar […]


Aquaconnect Leveraging AI and Geo-Spatial Technologies to bring in transparency and Predictability in the aquaculture value chain. AquaSAT platform leverages AI & Geospatial data, powered by deep learning models, allowing us to predict the days of culture (DOC) in fish and shrimp ponds. This intelligence enables near real-time monitoring, predicts the demand for farm inputs […]


FishWise FishWise sustains ocean ecosystems and the people who depend on them by transforming global seafood supply chains. FishWise began as a local initiative, offering Santa Cruz, CA. shoppers context for seafood sustainability. Over 20 years the organization grew to consult seafood businesses across the U.S. and internationally, and offer fisheries traceability guidance. The mission […]

Empordà Mar

Empordà Mar Empordà Mar promotes passion for sustainable seas, focusing on health, combating plastics, and addressing marine waste through scientific projects, education and performing arts. Empordà Mar, established by Salva Manera, an artisanal fisherman who began addressing marine waste issues 14 years ago, is actively committed to marine conservation and sustainable fishing. Beyond sponsorships, the […]

Better Seafood Philippines

Better Seafood Philippines Implementing the adoption of responsible seafood sourcing practices and providing supplier-market matching. BSP provides support to Philippines stakeholders at all levels of seafood supply chains to implement responsible sourcing practices to become agents of change towards a sustainable seafood economy. BSP has developed a set of tools tailored to the Philippines reality, […]


CeDePesca CeDePesca Encourage good practices in small scale fisheries through co-management. Conformation of a Comanagement Commission and starting data collection through voluntary logbooks by fishers. Strengthens legality and governance Optimizes resource management Supports global ecosystems It is an ongoing experience where we are discussing and resolving together how to recover the diminished resources that make […]