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Ensures just and equitable market benefits across communities


Ensures just and equitable market benefits across communities

Market access for all fishers and local communities creates a more equitable global seafood system. Not only awareness, but also assistance to reach market access should be available for fishers. Financial inclusion will unlock opportunities for fishers to invest in their own fishing area that leads to more resilient communities. A conducive business that is inclusive to small scale fishers allows equal wealth distribution. Shorter and more efficient supply chains help to ensure a fair and just market for all fishers. Fishers, suppliers, and retail owners can implement policies that support, value, and promote the wellbeing of communities. Just and equitable markets should be prioritized for fisherfolks and all people whose livelihood depends on seafood significantly.

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  • At Sea Operations 12.01 Business Ethics¬†
  • At Sea Operations 12.02 Business Ethics