El Mercado del Mar – Coopesolidar R.L.

Mercado del Mar promotes a fair commercial ecosystem of seafood products, which contributes to improve the conditions faced by small-scale fishermen and mollusk collectors of Costa Rica and linked to the Network of AMPR and Marine Territories of Life.

El Mercado del Mar, is a commercial initiative for the sale of seafood products, working with CoopeSoliDar R.L. and the Network of Marine Areas of Responsible Fishing and Marine Territories of Life, which allows a positive commercial environment and defense of the rights of small-scale artisanal fishermen of small-scale artisanal fishing.

Strengthens legality and governance

Optimizes resource management

Builds community resilience and self-sufficiency

We created a new market based on values and responsible fishing for their products. The Mercado del Mar visits coastal fishing communities; guarantees the sale of products and transports them to the capital of Costa Rica for fair marketing to responsible consumers. El Mercado del Mar operates in Costa Rica with the objective of developing an urban fair and just market that allows economic sustainability and maintains the struggle for the defense of the rights of small-scale fishermen and collectors.

Marvin Fonseca Borras | Manager, Coopesolidar

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