Safety at Sea

Safety at Sea by Nana Kweigyah

Mangroves in Tanzania

Tanzania Mangroves in Tanzania An essential plant for ecosystem restoration Sarah Pima Executive Director of Human Dignity and Environmental Care Foundation Mdimni, Tanzania   Mangroves are essential for the restoration of degraded ecosystems due to their ability to improve the quality of the environment by reducing soil erosion and increasing biodiversity. They are also important […]

Collective Action Buys Us More Time

Costa Rica Collective Action Buys Us More Time In defense of small-scale artisanal fishing rights CoopeSoliDar (Griselda Alvarado, Vivienne Solis, Marvin Fonseca) Nonprofit Organization Costa Rica CoopeSoliDar R.L. is a social solidarity economy organization committed to conserving marine and continental biodiversity and defending the human rights of the populations that live around these territories. It […]

Silverside of the Siguas River: a fish that endures

Peru Silverside of the Siguas River: a fish that endures Artisanal fishing in an archaeological valley converted into an irrigation megaproject drainage Christian Vera Photographer and Writer Arequipa, Peru Miguel Sánchez (56) unsheathes his cast net and begins to prepare it at the river’s edge. The coolness of the river and its wild biodiversity – […]

Seaweed for Humanity

Indonesia Seaweed for Humanity How seaweed farming can empower women in vulnerable coastal communities Boedi Sardjana Julianto Food Entrepreneur South Sulawesi, Indonesia Seaweed For Humanity begins with the journey of a seaweed boy from Nova Scotia, Canada, to Indonesia after traveling to Hawaii, Japan, Korea, China, India, Tanzania, Philippines, and Malaysia. After graduating as a […]

Every Fish, Counts

Mexico City Every Fish, Counts Technology can help small-scale Mexican fishers organize and improve the value chains of their products and embark on a path of continuous improvement Atenas Lizarraga Communication Specialist Mexico (Santa Rosalía and Ensenada, Baja California) Odyssey among the seas Due to the extension of its coastline and the upwelling processes that […]

The Black Gold Beneath the Platforms

Italy The Black Gold Beneath the Platforms The emergence of a new sustainable fishing practice in the Adriatic Sea Aileen Roncoroni Marine Scientist     Linda Albonetti Science Communicator Marina di Ravenna, Italy In the 1970s, off the coast of Ravenna in the North Adriatic Sea (Italy), a large portion of the sea was closed […]