Sustainable Shrimp Partnership

Pioneered in Ecuador, SSP is a pre-competitive platform that groups leading companies who are dedicated to transforming the future of shrimp aquaculture into a clean, sustainable, and successful practice for the world.

SSP members aim to produce a healthy, nutritious, and pure products farmed in a sustainable way. By collaborating with each other and external partners, they strive to support industry-wide improvements in social and environmental performance, elevating the whole industry to the next level in sustainable practices.

Moreover, SSP aspires to offer consumers more choices in seafood markets by promoting awareness of its environmentally and socially responsible methods. By leading by example, SSP members seek to set new standards and inspire others to adopt similar practices, ultimately fostering a more sustainable seafood industry.

To achieve its objective, SSP focuses its actions on 4 fronts:

  1. SSP Product Qualification, through constant verification of compliance with the best production practices at farm level: zero use of antibiotics, generate a neutral impact on water, and ensure complete traceability throughout the production cycle.
  2. Creation of a Sustainability Leadership Roundtable, in collaboration with NGOs, companies and experts, to identify new challenges that could impact the sustainable performance of the shrimp aquaculture industry and develop solutions to address them.
  3. Implementation of Scale Up Programs, to support small and medium-size producers to optimize their sustainable performance, through compliance with national and international protocols.
  4. Consumer awareness, through the development of alliances, projects, activities, that allow sharing experiences and information with different target groups, in this way increasing the demand for sustainable products.

At SSP, we believe in inclusion and transparency as core values to achieving our goals. By working with like-minded stakeholders and organizations across the shrimp value chain and incorporating their knowledge, we can strategically implement targeted actions to drive the transformative changes needed within the aquaculture industry.

Pamela Nath | Director, SSP