Sea Delight LLC

Sea Delight Group is a family owned and operated set of companies with presence in the North America and Europe with mission to provide the highest quality fresh frozen seafood that is sold at competitive prices with premier customer service, while remaining dedicated to global conservation by educating and partnering with responsible fisheries.

Sea Delight Group is committed to ensuring seafood remains a secure resource for future generations to enjoy. Our informed choices are strengthened by establishing transparency in our supply chains and collecting data so we can eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) seafood from our supply.

We extend our commitment beyond our own practices and across commercial, governmental, and civil sectors. We engage in advocacy, education, and direct investment through the funding of and participation in fishery improvement projects (FIPS). These FIPs improve the environmental, economic, and social aspects of fisheries and communities across the world.

Stephen Fisher | Sustainability Director, Sea Delight