Hainan Tilapia Sustainability Alliance

With the vision of building a safe, green, and efficient model of tilapia farming, the Hainan Tilapia Sustainability Alliance has taken on the mission of repositioning Hainan tilapia as a regional brand and directing the industry towards sustainable development.

We are the first independent, industry-led, multi-stakeholder participated association to promote sustainable seafood production in China. We draw experience from modern industry organizations, value local socio-culture, and make every effort in building a cooperation platform of mutual trust and benefit for Hainan tilapia supply-chain.

We set up a working model to the rest of Chinese aquaculture industry that is seeking an innovative approach to engage various stakeholders on supply-chain towards sustainability, especially for those in developing countries where majority of production comes from smallholders. We closely work with industry leaders, farmers, research institutes, foreign buyers and retailers, as well as third-party organizations. We explore production models that are safe, green and efficient, through uniting all forces within and beyond supply-chain, and jointly build up Hainan tilapia as a regional brand.

Han Han | Founder & Executive Director, China Blue Sustainability Institute