CH4 Global
Steve Meller

President, CEO & Founder, Member of the Board

Number of operations

Commercial farms planned in 2022

In operation

Initial sales expected in 2022

License grantors

  • South Australian government
  • Future Feed

What is your source of operating capital?

  • Investors

Production methods

  • Horizontal Longlines
  • Tanks
  • Ponds



  • Asparagopsis (taxiformis or armata)


  • Livestock Feed Additives


  • None needed

Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change

What are you doing to address emissions associated with transportation?

Not yet defined

Are you using or transitioning to renewable energy sources?

Our goal is to have our processing plant use renewable energy.

Are you growing seaweed for livestock feed additives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?


How many cows will your product feed?

Our initial estimate is that 20 hectares (our target first site) will cover 10-20,000 head cattle

Carbon Cycle: Are you monitoring or conducting research into carbon uptake by seaweeds?



CH4 Global is on an urgent mission to create an Asparagopsis aquaculture ecosystem to slash methane from ruminant livestock and positively impact climate change.