Bogtong Fish Processors Association

Bogtong Fish Processors Association is championing responsibly-sourced seafood that supports fishing communities livelihood through domestic market access and capacity building.

Bogtong Fish Processors Association is an all-women processors group originally organized by FAO in 2014 following SuperTyphoon Haiyan. The women’s group directly sources from surrounding fishing communities and vets suppliers through a Responsible Seafood Sourcing Standard for Philippine domestic seafood markets, and participates in various Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management.

Bontong Fish Processors Association is part of the stakeholders consulted by the Local Governement Unit for decission making on coastal fisheries management measures. As stakeholders ourselves, we participate alongside fishers and other fishing communities in the participatory enforcement and management of our Marine Protected Areas which delineate no take zones and traditional use zones which allow for the use of traditional gear such as simple hook and line.

Nanette Cadutdut | President, Bogtong Fish Processor Association