Our Mission​

Connecting seafood actors ​to accelerate sustainable change and the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Welcome to Seafood MAP

A digital platform built to help revolutionize the fragmented system into an equitable, resilient, and sustainable one.

The Framework

“The foodicons tell a story and act as a common language - allowing users to understand seafood sustainability from different experiences, learn from users, and connect with a network. Each icon has an explanation and a connection to a different story.”

-Alberto Miti, The Lexicon

Knowledge to Action​

Use the Knowledge to Action hub to find the resources you need to progress on your journey of continuous improvement.


Seafood MAP is a movement of change-makers, both above and below the water.

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Welcome to the Seafood MAP website

A steppingstone towards the Seafood MAP platform 

Launched in 2023, this website celebrates the end of the platform’s collaborative design phase. Immerse yourself in the world of Seafood MAP as you explore its mission, innovative framework, and vibrant community. 

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